At DeepAR we developing a cutting edge AR technology experienced by 100 million people each month. With a mission to democratise AR solutions and make them accessible beyond the realm of big tech, our web engineering team is at the forefront of building the infrastructure and web products that will make that possible. It all starts with our core SDK team who builds the SDK, then our Studio team makes sure that users can create AR content and experiences, but it is our Web engineers who are make sure our clients and users can get their hands on our tech and use it - either through our Developer Portal or Try-on CMS products which drive virtual AR shopping experiences for some of the biggest brands today!

What do will you do

  • Use your extensive programming skills to develop and maintain our existing web solutions such as Developer Portal and AR Try-on CMS solutions as well as developing new ones
  • Work with our Core SDK, Product and Design teams and suggest, plan and execute new features
  • There is always more things to do than we can handle at any given moment, so we expect your help in organisation and planning of the technical roadmap for our web projects.
  • Iterate quickly without compromising quality and raise the bar on operational excellence
  • Help out your colleagues by providing a fresh new perspective on various tech and non tech topics

Web Engineer technical requirements
We are looking for a full-stack developer. Here are specific technical skills we are looking for:

  • Experience with building RESTful APIs in Node.js/Express
  • In-depth knowledge of AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, EC2)
    • Desirable: experience with any of the AWS SDKs
  • Strong UI/UX development skills with responsive web design principles
  • Experience with modern React.js and its ecosystem

Nice to haves:

  • You have more than 5 years of experience in building web solutions
  • You have worked on B2C type of projects
  • You have worked on products that have been used by large number of users

We are looking for a person to join us in our offices in Zagreb Croatia (preferred), but are open to remote work too.

Benefits and compensation

  • You will receive a super competitive salary and bonuses
  • You will receive generous equity / options in the company